Kiwi family's chilling tale of being threatened by hackers through baby monitor

A New Zealand family have shared a terrifying story of how they were targeted by hackers through their baby video monitors.

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It’s a chilling lesson in the dangers of Wi-Fi in the internet age. Source: Seven Sharp

The couple, who do not wish to be named, shared their story with Seven Sharp in order to warn other parents.

It began one evening when they put one of their children to bed and they began crying hysterically, looking at the Nest baby monitor near the bed.

They took the camera away for the evening but decided to return it later.

Things took a real turn when the child's father was reading them a bedtime story and heard a voice through the monitor.

Both parents heard the voice and checked with each other what was going on.

"I went in to the bedroom and I was like "what did you say?" and then the camera switched on and someone said something over it," the mother said.

"I just went into chills and knew that they could see me, because I was standing in the bedroom."

The camera monitor was again removed but the trouble didn't end there.

Another voice was heard through a second baby monitor in another bedroom, this time threatening the family.

"They said don't unplug it you'll regret it."

The mother thinks the hackers gained access through her Spotify account which shared the same password as her Nest cameras.

Cert NZ operations manager Declan Ingram isn't surprised the scary incident took place.

"This type of unwanted access is actually one of the top three things reported to us."

He says in order to help with security parents can check if their baby monitor really needs to be connected to the internet and make sure the password used is a new one.