Kiwi family stuck in Wuhan struggling to cope with little food, no way out during coronavirus lockdown

A New Zealand family stuck in Wuhan amid the deadly coronavirus outbreak are terrified they're going to run out of food while trapped inside their building.

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Aaron Mahon and his wife and daughter are some of the 50 or so Kiwis known to be in the Chinese city. Source: Seven Sharp

For the past week, Wuhan's 11 million residents have been in lockdown to stop the spread of the deadly virus which has killed 131 people and infected more than 6000 worldwide.

Aaron Mahon, his wife and five-year-old daughter are some of the 53 New Zealanders who are known to be there.

They're struggling to cope, with little food and no way out.

"It's deserted. It's like a scene from the Walking Dead," Mr Mahon told Seven Sharp.

"Honestly there's no-one out there. I've probably seen five people in the last four days, there's absolutely no one anywhere."

Late this afternoon, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern confirmed the Australians are working to help get the New Zealanders out.

For the Mahons, that can't come soon enough.

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"We've been in this house since the 18th, 11 days. All [the food] we've had is what we have from Chinese New Year," Mr Mahon says.

The shops are closed and they haven't been able to get any food aid.

It's a difficult situation for the family. 

If they don't get food soon, they could starve. But if they leave the house to find some, they could contract coronavirus.

"It's hard," Mr Mahon says.

"Being frightened for me... I just want to look after my family and I have no control."

The Kiwis stuck in Wuhan are trying to help each other out as much as they can, but they want out and they want the Government to help.