Kiwi company trials four-day working week for more 'energised, engaged workforce'

The dream of a four-day working week is looking more likely after a study found positive benefits for both employers and employees.

Trust company Perpetual Guardian ran a two-month trial, allowing its 240 employees to work eight hours a day for only four days a week.

Tracked by academics from the University of Auckland and Auckland University of Technology, the study found an extra day off boosted job satisfaction, confidence in the bosses and creativity.

It also saw a reduction in overall stress levels associated with the job.

The man behind the idea, Perpetual Guardian founder Andrew Barnes, says it was so successful he’s going to recommend it become permanent and suggests others follow suit.

“What's the worst that can happen?”, he said.

“You get an energised, engaged workforce and you have a conversation with your employees about what's the best way of structuring things going forward, so there's no downside.”

Asked before and after the trial, employees said they felt the largest improvement in their work-life balance, empowerment, work stimulation and commitment to the company.

Perpetual Guardian’s 240 employees spent two months working four days a week, and most said it worked for them. Source: 1 NEWS