Kiwi caught up in Queensland motorway brawl after coming to help work colleague

A New Zealand man has been caught in a mid-motorway punch-up while on his way to work in Brisbane.

David Holdway, who used to live in Auckland, told 7 NEWS he was heading to work when he spotted a man displaying road rage to another person.

"Just seen this guy [throwing punches] through the passenger window and I was like, 'Far out, that car is familiar,'" Mr Holdway said.

"It was one of the boys' [from work] cars, so I pulled out in front of another car to get around to block [the attackers] in."

The incident began after the enraged driver accused Mr Holdway's work colleague of tailgating, but it wrapped up once Mr Holdway and another colleague stepped in to help their workmate - but not before the Kiwi bloke allegedly copped a few punches to the face.

The offender quickly realised he had become outnumbered so he calmed down and retreated to his car for a fleeting escape as Mr Holdway sported a bruised lip.