Kiwi business launches high-tech drone out to change the face of global security

A Kiwi security company believes you may one day be able to guard your home with a flying robot.  

VigilAir today launched its high tech surveillance drones designed to change the face of security globally.

Targeted at large facilities like schools, prisons, hospitals and shopping centres, the drone lives in a charging pod, or a "nest" onsite and is linked to the security system.

When an alarm goes off, the drone will know the best flight path and can begin streaming live video as it heads to the disturbance. Once it has visited the site, it flies back to its nest to recharge. 

Its makers have worked closely with the Civil Aviation Authority and believe the world first technology will be the security guards of the future. 

"It's about getting there faster, getting there at lower cost and giving us a safer outcome for everybody involved," said VigilAir Director, Mike Marr. 

The drone works at night and in moderate wind and rain. It saves sending a human into a dangerous situation and the recorded video can be used for prosecutions. 

It can also save customers up to 50 per cent in security costs.

The drones will be further developed to follow fleeing suspects and even capture their getaway cars and there's potential for nests of drones to one day be in neighbourhoods subject to privacy laws.

"We see the future as being the drone in the sky attending your home alarm when that goes off," Mr Marr says.

"I just get so excited by it. I think it's exciting technology that can impact the world in a positive way. I think in today's world we can get scared of innovation but it's actually something we've all got to embrace."

The technology has impressed some big global companies. Panasonic NZ's Mark McKanny says the goal is to take the product worldwide.  

"We'll be starting off regionally throughout Asia and Oceania and as that grows and builds and we develop the solution, we could potentially take that globally," he said.

VigilAir will be able to offer its new drone service from April next year and says it has already had interest from both big campuses and government agencies.

Imagine having a flying robot to protect your home or business. Source: 1 NEWS