Kiwi brothers' app changing the way crowds interact with sporting giants like NBA's Phoenix Suns

DROPIT is an app designed by two Kiwi brothers from Mount Maunganui and now after success overseas with NBA team, the Phoenix Suns, they are bringing it back home to New Zealand.

"It was a NBA team and a major worldwide sporting franchise so it really validated our product for us and for everyone that has got behind us." says co-founder Brendan Howell

"We've got to hit the big market. So we packed our bags and we both went for a trip to the states and Brendan (Peter's brother) stayed on," says Peter.

The basics of the app are a countdown auction for fans at sports games where sponsors provide the prize and play an ad and as the price drops, the first bid wins. 

Now they have launched with the NBL team the Breakers, next up are NRL team the Warriors and national cricket team the Black Caps. 

Currently the app is worth $39 million but the brothers both agree that as soon as DROPIT is worth $1 billion they are cashing in. 

It's the brainchild of two Mt Maunganui siblings and it’s being rolled out in New Zealand. Source: Seven Sharp