Kiwi breakdancers excited by prospect of competing at 2024 Paris Olympics

Kiwi breakdancers are excited about the prospect of the dance sport becoming an event at the Paris Olympics in 2024.

Breakdancing began on the streets of New York in 1970 and now the Paris Games organising team have proposed adding it as a medal event in 2024.

The dance sport featured in the Buenos Aires Youth Olympics in 2018.

It's part of a plan to attract a younger, urban audience to the Olympics. 

So could young Kiwi breakdancers be on the podium?

"I know there's been talks within the community here locally and internationally as well for a long time trying to get it to this level. And exposure's just amazing for them if it actually happens," Kent Christensen of The Breaks NZ said.

There's hope it could open doors for breakdancing to become a career for some.

"At the moment, 'cause there's no opportunities, you have to pick up a normal job as well on the side. But any artists wants to be able to do it full-time," Mr Christensen said.

Also on the Paris organising committee's wishlist are climbing, surfing and skateboarding.

All three debut at next year's Tokyo Games, as does karate. But Paris wants to drop the chopping for popping four years later.

Other sports have come and gone from the Olympics. Croquet featured in 1900, and solo synchronized swimming made a brief splash. 

But missing out altogether is squash which is unable to win any Olympic love. 

How breakdancing's Olympic future will fare is unknown.

"It'll put New Zealand breaking on the world map," Mr Christensen said. 

The International Olympic Committee decides if it gets the official nod next December. 

A spokesperson for the New Zealand Olympic Committee says breakdancing athletes would follow the same process as all New Zealand Olympic Team members to qualify for the team.

Breakdancing organisations would first need to become aligned to the national federation responsible for dance sports in New Zealand and the national federation would have to meet NZOC criteria, the spokesperson told 1 NEWS. 

Then the qualification and selection process and standards for athletes wishing to target an Olympic Games would need to be established. 

To be part of the New Zealand Olympic Team, an athlete must demonstrate they are capable of finishing in the Top 16 in the world, the spokesperson said. 

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The Paris Games organising team has proposed adding it as an event in 2024. Source: 1 NEWS

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