Kiwi blackcurrants touted as the 2017 superfood

The humble New Zealand grown blackcurrant is making international headlines as a superfood to watch out for in 2017.

The berries, mainly grown in Canterbury and Nelson, have been singled out for their natural properties. Source: 1 NEWS

The berries, which are mainly grown in the Canterbury and Nelson areas, have been singled out for the health benefits, and some are predicting a rise to popularity this year.

A series of clinical trial in the UK showed the fruit promote muscle recovery, performance and fat burning because of their high levels of a pigment called anthocyanin.

Studies over the past 18 months found that an extract of the compound taken as a supplement increased fat loss and blood flow as well as nutrient and oxygen delivery to cells.

Kiwi growers say they've always know there were huge benefits, and that its great to see the fruit getting some recognition.

New Zealand is still considered a small player in the market though, with about 27 growers farming 1500 hectares per year - around half of that goes straight to Ribena.

The rest is destined for the health industry.