Kitten finds new home after 40-minute police purr-suit on Auckland motorway

A kitten has found a new home after holding up traffic during a 40-minute excursion on Auckland’s southern motorway over the weekend.

One could say that the kitten was the purr-petrator of this particular Auckland traffic jam. Source: 1 NEWS

Police stopped motorists on Sunday just after midday as they attempted to catch the kitten between Greenlane and Market Road, but the camouflage tabby proved quite evasive.

Forty minutes into the chase, the kitten was finally taken into custody after initially jumping into the engine bay of a parked vehicle.

Constable Simon Russell’s cat-like reflexes allowed him to grab the kitten as it jumped out of the vehicle.

That’s not where the police heroics end, with one of the emergency call-takers at the Northern Communications Centre offering to take the kitten home, saving officers a trip to the SPCA.

Following a vet check, the kitten is going to be named Poppy if it’s a girl, or Diego, after Mexican artist Diego Rivera, if it's a boy.