'Kiss the bride!' History made as couple gets married at Auckland's Pride Parade

A same-sex couple that met at the 2015 Auckland Pride Parade returned this year to tie the knot in the first marriage at the famous annual event.

Victoria and Sinead met at the 2015 parade, and were back this time around to tie the knot. Source: Seven Sharp

Sinead O'Connell, 25, and Victoria Envy, 28, won a competition to get married on one of the floats at the parade in a very public display of commitment.

First they had a ceremony at Auckland Domain, before being legally married on the float during the parade.

"So our friends and family can see us up close, like a promise ceremony," Sinead said of the first ceremony.

After spotting each other at the pride parade in 2015 the pair matched on Tinder six months later and the relationship quickly took off.

"As soon as I walked in I was like dammit, this is the girl I'm gonna marry, I just knew," Victoria said.

The couple are happy they can represent their community in such an open way.

"They're gonna be attending a parade where two women are getting legally married and no-one is stoning them to death.

"It'll mean a lot to the community and we're excited to be part of that," Victoria said.

The marriage was the first to take place at a pride parade in the Southern Hemisphere.