Kicks and punches fly in graphic video of young men fighting near South Auckland public pool

A brawl in the car park of a South Auckland pool yesterday saw a man's head stomped on as police intervened with pepper spray.

A group of men were filmed fighting outside the Massey Park Pool in Papakura, after which the pool was closed for some time.

In the video, three people can be seen kicking a young man once on ground, as onlookers yell in the background. One person has been seen stomping on the young man's head.

Police say they were called to the scene just after 5pm yesterday following reports of disorder and fighting.

The crowd scattered after police arrived at the scene.

Police told 1 NEWS inquiries are underway, but no one has been arrested and there are no reports of injuries at this stage.

A series of videos of the fighting outside the public pool and again at a nearby car park, where kicks and punches were thrown, were uploaded to Facebook last night and have since been viewed thousands of times.