Key points to remember to prevent and be ready for a house fire

When your house burns it’s nothing like in the movies, fire gets real, fast. So, what can you do to make your home a more fire safe environment?

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Working smoke alarms and an escape plan are key. Source: Seven Sharp

On Seven Sharp last night the team highlighted just how fast a fire can spread by showcasing a live fire training exercise by Fire and Emergency NZ.

Reporter Lucas de Jong also gave some top fire safety tips from the scene.

1. The most common causes of fire are unattended cooking and heaters used incorrectly so be wary of these things.

2. Smoke alarms are the best line of defence, make sure to have one in every area of the house.

3. Make sure you have an exit plan in case of a fire, with an assigned meeting place.

4. Practice the plan regularly so everyone knows what to do.

5. When you make it to safety DO NOT go back in.

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Reporter Lucas de Jong was inside the house in firefighter safety gear when the blaze started. Source: Seven Sharp

Evidence of the frightening speed at which a fire spreads through a home can be viewed in the video above.