Key calls Norman a 'muppet' when probed about Slater text

The Prime Minister admitted texting his new mobile number to Cameron Slater as he faced more questioning over his relationship with the attack blogger.

John Key described one MP as a “muppet” when he was pressed about exactly who’s got his number. Source: 1 NEWS

John Key described Greens co-leader Russel Norman as a muppet when pressed in Parliament about exactly who has got his number.

The Prime Minister faced a barrage of questions over his relationship with the Whaleoil blogger.

"Is the reason he responded to texts from Cameron Slater over the last few months, but didn't respond to texts from Press Gallery journalists, because Cameron Slater is a friend or because he fears Cameron Slater?" Dr Norman asked.

Mr Key replied: "I, for most part, do actually answer the text messages I get from Press Gallery journalists. Sometimes they are reporting about what a muppet that member makes of himself when he asks me questions."

Mr Key changed his mobile phone number in the fallout over the 'Dirty Politics' book. He has now admitted texting his new number to political journalists, and Mr Slater.

Dr Norman asked: "How disgusting would Cameron Slater have to be before the Prime Minister severed all contact with him?"

Mr Key responded that he doesn't condone all of the statements, blogs or actions taken by Mr Slater.

Labour leader Andrew Little told reporters he wouldn't be surprised if Mr Slater has information that could "hold the Prime Minister over a barrel", and that could be very embarrassing for him.

Mr Key insists he's not actively engaging with the blogger at the centre of the Dirty Politics saga and says he has nothing to hide.

The police today revealed they won't be investigating a number of complaints made by the Greens about some of the allegations in Nicky Hager's Dirty Politics book. But police are still considering a complaint from Labour about the accessing of its database by some people, including former National Party staffer Jason Ede.

Dr Norman told reporters Mr Hager's house got raided for 10 hours, "so yeah, I mean we're disappointed, we think it's a bit unbalanced actually".

The Prime Minister no doubt hopes the balance will shift away from the whole Slater Dirty Politics affair.