Key accused of losing moral compass as 'rapist' furore continues

Prime Minister John Key remains unapologetic about his comments accusing the Labour Party of backing rapists - and is set to take off overseas this weekend.

Opposition MPs made personal protests in Parliament yesterday after the Speaker ruled John Key did not need to apologise over his controversial Christmas Island comments.

There was more fall out in Parliament today following Prime Minister John Key's controversial claim Labour was 'backing rapists'. Source: 1 NEWS

During Mr Key's response to questioning by Labour leader Andrew Little, he accused Labour of "backing the rapists" because they were voicing concerns at the way Kiwi detainees were being treated at the Christmas Island camp.

Mr Key told media today he was not concerned about the prospect of further protests in Parliament over the comments, but said that if were called upon to apologise by the speaker David Carter, he would.

John Key has continued to defend his controversial comments about Kiwis on Australia's Christmas Island. Source: 1 NEWS

"I'm actually the person standing up for victims of crime," he said.

"There's always robust debate in our parliament ... if I make a mistake ... I apologise.

"I've never been asked to apologise in this particular case.

The Prime Minister has accused Labour of supporting ‘rapists’ at the Australian detention centre. Source: Breakfast

"What would they be asking me to apologise for? For saying that I'm on the side of victims?"

He said he did not believe his comments were offensive to female MPs or abuse survivors, and said discussion in the house had centred more around the rights of those who had committed crimes, than the victims of crime.

He also commented on the case of Ko Rutene - a Kiwi ex-soldier being detained on Christmas Island due to his affiliation with the Rebels motorcycle club.

Key said that he did remember meeting him in Afghanistan when he visited in 2010, but would not be intervening in his case.

Green MP Jan Logie told Breakfast today she hopes the Prime Minister listened to all the women who stood up in the House yesterday and disclosed their history of abuse.

Jan Logie fires up over John Key’s controversial remarks in Parliament. Source: Breakfast

"For the Prime Minsiter to use rape and trivialise it and use it as a political tool was deeply offensive to me," she said.

Mr Key leaves for a 10-day visit to Asia at the weekend.

The Prime Minister continues to come under fire for his stance on New Zealanders being deported from Australia. Source: 1 NEWS

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