Keeping Covid-19 under control: What NZ can learn from other countries

When it comes to Covid-19, some countries are faring better than others, keeping infection rates low and under control, despite their large populations.

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Supermarket workers are begging for Kiwis to treat them with kindness. Source: 1 NEWS

The Prime Minister has pointed to the likes of Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong.

It comes as the global grip of Covid-19 has now infected more than 1 million people.

Taiwan has just under 350 cases of Covid-19, having taken action aggressively and early.

It’s one of only six countries worldwide where schools remain open.

“Those countries who have been through the SARS epidemic have responded well because they've been well prepared and took their pandemic response plans very seriously,” says scientist, Sir Peter Gluckman.

The former chief science adviser to the Prime Minister says testing is key.

His comments come as Germany is able to conduct half a million tests per week.

With a population of more than seven million, Hong Kong has 845 Covid-19 cases, less than New Zealand.

The country introducing electronic wristbands at its borders and pairing them with smartphones, used to track individuals in confinement.

Technology is proving vital, as Singapore is now able to show virus hotspots via an alert system.

The country has confirmed just over 11,00 cases.

Japan is now locking the gates at many popular parks and other public spaces to avoid spreading the virus. While routine use of masks in many Asian countries are believed to have also contributed to their success.