Karma in store for Lyttelton stranger who handed in lost wallet packed with $1290 cash



One News

Some seriously good karma is in store for an honest man in Christchurch who handed in a wallet holding more than $1000 worth of cash.

Around 90 residents took a boat ride today to learn more about the Lyttelton Port Company's controversial expansion plans.

Source: ONE News

The man found the wallet on the road and handed it in to the Lyttelton police station, along with its $1290 cash.

Police contacted the owner of the wallet who said he was "shocked and grateful" to get it back.

"We often hear about the bad things that go on, but this man's compassion for the owner of the wallet is a good reminder that there are a lot of positives happening around us every day," says Sergeant Dave Knowles.

"His honesty is to be commended and it's a great sign that community spirit is still alive and well in Lyttelton."

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