Kapiti schoolboy goes global after making Maori language appeal

A Kiwi schoolboy has shot to internet fame after his video appeal for people to try and pronounce Maori correctly words went viral.

Finnian Galbraith delivered a speech appealing for people to try and pronounce Maori words correctly Source: Breakfast

Finnian Galbraith, a year 11 student at Kapiti College, released the video entitled The importance of correctly pronouncing Maori words on YouTube.

It has since amassed 116,000 views in three days, and has seen his story reported by the BBC and Guardian newspaper.

"I wrote this speech initially for a speech competition in 2014 because I see this as a big issue and I believe it is very important that we take action," Finnian wrote.

In the video he says he became annoyed at hearing so many Maori words pronounced incorrectly.

"On TV, on the radio, things that people see and hear every day.  So many of us are pronouncing Maori names and words completely wrong, too many of us."

He says Te Reo should be taught in all primary schools.