Kaitaia school choir performs stunning Te Reo Māori rendition of Let Praises Rise

A Kaitaia school choir has performed a stunning Te Reo Māori and English rendition of Let Praises Rise on Breakfast this morning.

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The Kaitaia Abundant Life School performance was in perfect harmony Source: Breakfast

The Kaitaia Abundant Life School choir was in perfect harmony as they performed the piece, by Myron Butler and Levi, ahead of The Big Sing.

The choir is the only one from the Far North participating in the national secondary school singing competition.

The school's music teacher, Opeloge Ah Sam, told Breakfast he had signed up the school for the competition before a group had even been formed. 

"Back in March, I decided to enter the choir and we didn't have a choir but I entered them anyway," Ah Sam said. 

"I just thought with the Covid-19 thing, you just didn't know what was going to happen this year and I thought, you know, 'You might as well just have a crack at it and if we get a chance to complete what we've just done, then great".

"A couple of [the students] laughed at me and reminded me that we didn't have a school choir and I said, 'It's fine, it's not a problem, it's just a minor issue'."

To hear the entire performance, click on the video above.