Kaipara Harbour tragedy: Police believe body of missing man may still be on board capsized boat




Police say the body of the man still missing after a fishing boat capsized in Kaipara Harbour, north of Auckland, may still be onboard the vessel.

The search for the missing vessel "Francie", which capsized in the Kaipara Harbour last Saturday, is underway.

Steve McGregor of the Kaipara Cruising and Sporting Fishing Club talks to Breakfast on the tragic loss of eight lives.
Source: Breakfast

Seven people died in the tragedy, three survived, but the body of 56-year-old Taulagi "Lagi" Afamasaga was not found.

Police, along with Coastguard and the Navy, are out on the water today in the area where the boat is believed to have capsized.

Specialist search equipment belonging to the navy is being used in the search.

Police have met with the family of Mr Afamasaga this morning to discuss what the search involves.

"We can confirm that it is possible that their loved one is still on board the vessel," said police.

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