Kaimanawa horses a labour of love for woman breaking in the wild animals

The thought of any Kaimanawa horses going to slaughter is enough to bring tears to the eyes of one Kiwi woman and that's why she continues to take in the animals.

It takes hard work and dedication to tame these wild animals. Source: Seven Sharp

Tracey Thompson hadn't planned on taking any of the 175 horses that were rounded up in a DOC muster a couple of weeks ago, but she couldn't turn down any of the animals she absolutely loves.

"It's that word you're supposed to say, no, I can't do it, no," she said.

It's about ensuring as few as possible rounded up in the DOC musters are sent to slaughter.

Ms Thompson and her daughter are breaking in the animals, some for other homes and others that they keep for themselves along with horses from previous musters.