Kaiapoi bouncing back, five years on from Canterbury Quake

Five years on from the large quake that struck the Canterbury region and the quake-hit town of Kaiapoi is bouncing back.

It’s the fifth anniversary since the 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit the Canterbury region, with several aftershocks following, including the deadly Febraury 2011 disaster.

The small town was one of the worst hit, losing over 1000 homes, a large chunk of their businesses and 20 percent of its housing stock to red-zoning.

Since then buildings have been rebuilt, roads fixed, the main street revitalised and new additions like a new museum have been put in.

Waimakariri Mayor, David Ayers says the journey has been a real rollercoaster ride and that, despite the progress they've made, uncertainty lies with the red-zoned land.

"They're not asking for Disneyland, they're asking for food forests, dogparks and walking parks or sports grounds," Mr Ayers  said.

Meanwhile in Chirstchurch the recovery has been slower than Kaiapoi due to the extent of the damage.

However EQC has completed nearly 97 percent of their home repairs programme, with work on city roads and underground pipes nearly complete.

SCIRT Executive General Manager, Ian Campbell says they're on target to complete construction work by the end of 2016.

Despite losing 20 percent of its housing stock to red-zoning, the Canterbury town recently exceeded its pre-quake population. Source: 1 NEWS

'It's time to step up': Young Nats pressure Government to increase refugee quota

The Young Nats have written an open letter to Parliament calling on their own party leaders to bring forward the review on the refugee quota.

They conducted a survey which found an overwhelming majority of their members called for the change.

Vice-President Katy Hendrikse said that for many of them, images released by the media this week reminded them of "the stark reality of the refugee crisis the world is facing".

She said "It's part of the role of the youth wing to occasionally challenge our Party on issues that are important to our members."

In short she said the Young Nats want their senior leaders to know that "it's time to step up".

Cameraman Gary Hopper filming amongst the migrants gathered outside Budapest train station.
Cameraman Gary Hopper filming amongst the migrants gathered outside Budapest train station. Source: 1 NEWS



Former Bridgecorp director Rod Petricevic to be released from prison

Former Bridgecorp director Rod Petricevic will be released from prison on parole next week, despite a judicial review seeking to keep him behind bars.

Petricevic will be released on Monday after serving half of his sentence after the collapse of the finance company, which left investors nearly $500 million out of pocket.

The Sensible Sentencing Trust applied for a judicial review after Petricevic paid for a psychologist out of his own pocket to assess his Parole Board application.

Rodney Petricevic Source: 1 NEWS

But, the High Court today dismissed the review, with Judge Ellis concluding the Sensible Sentencing Trust had no standing to seek a judicial review of the Parole Board's decision to release Mr Petricevic.

Petricevic was convicted in 2010 of deliberately making false statements to trustees and distributing offer documents containing false statements while knowing Bridgecorp was heavily in debt.

The failed finance company owed $459 million to 14,500 investors when it went into receivership in 2007 and investors have since been repaid about 10 cents in the dollar.

Garrett said Garth McVicar, founder of the trust, has advised him three members of the trust were victims of Bridgecorp but did not want to be named.