Just how long will the insanely low fresh produce prices last?

In some parts of the country you can get a kilo of tomatoes for just eight cents.

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We spoke with Jerry Prendergast from United Fresh. Source: Seven Sharp

This led the curious minds on Seven Sharp to ask what can we look forward to next?

Jerry Prendergast from United Fresh says we can thank “the weather gods” for our glut of fresh produce this year.

“It has really brought on some magnificent crops and what we’re seeing at the moment is the last of the summer vegetables that are out there.”

He listed capsicums, tomatoes and cucumbers as all being great value at the moment.

“So, value is down for consumers, now consumption needs to go up.”

However, while it’s good news for consumers, Prendergast says growers are being hit in the pocket.

“They’re selling their produce below the cost of production so it’s a consumer's market right now.

“We need to be feeling for growers and buy as much fresh produce as we can.”

The low prices won’t last though, Prendergast predicts one more month of good value before the seasons see weather fortunes change.

His advice, “buy up now and store it.”