'I just about fell off the couch' - Meet the woman who's dressing Jacinda Ardern's baby bump

Determined to buy New Zealand designed maternity wear, the Prime Minister headed to Auckland's Titirangi to dress her baby bump.

"I received an email from a woman who said she would like to get in touch and to look at some of our clothes. She said she worked for Jacinda and she was needing some maternity clothes," 3 Bears owner Katrena Drum says.

Making a private appointment at 3 Bears in West Auckland via email, this small business owner's dreams have come true.

"I like to think I did a cool walk to her but I probably ran. I eventually told her how much I loved her."

According to Ms Drum, the Prime Minister tried on a lot of clothes and said The Beehive is quite cold.

And regarding the question on everyone's lips, Ms Drum had this to say: "Before you ask, no we have no idea what the gender is and you couldn't tell by the way she was carrying the bump either." 

The PM paid a visit to one Auckland store for maternity wear to the delight of its owner. Source: Seven Sharp