'I just feel lucky' – Near miss for Christchurch man as steel beam smashes through car windscreen

A Christchurch man is searching for answers after a piece of steel smashed through his car windscreen, narrowly missing him.

Kaibos Mapuranga was driving on Old West Coast Road on Saturday morning when he saw the 15cm metal beam spinning towards him "from the sky".

It crashed through his windscreen with a loud bang and lodged into the dashboard.

"It took just a second for all this to happen," he said.

"If I had not moved slightly to the right, definitely, I could see it coming directly in front of me and it was going to crash.. go through my chest or explode my head. Anything could have happened, only God knows what happened there."

He was left shaking in shock on the side of the road until his daughter came and picked him up.

Mr Mapuranga is now scared to get behind the wheel again, fearing another incident will happen.

"I just hope this will not happen to me and I don’t wish it to happen to anyone because it's so unnerving. I don’t know how long it is going to (take) to get out of my mind," he said.

He said knowing if the metal dropped from a helicopter, another vehicle, or was caused by something else, would give him some peace of mind and help him stop thinking about the crash over and over.

"It's something that is puzzling me up to now. If I get a quick answer maybe it will help me to pull myself together," he said.

He hopes police will be able to help him find out how it occurred, he said.

He's counting his blessings as well.

"I wouldn't have gone into 2018 so I just feel lucky. My stars are still shining so I just hope it was a one-off," he said.

Kaibos Mapuranga was driving on Saturday when a steel beam fell from the sky narrowly missing him. Source: 1 NEWS