'This is just embarrassing' - Breakfast's Hayley Holt agrees with Shane Jones' scathing criticism of new Air NZ safety video

Breakfast's Hayley Holt agrees with NZ First MP Shane Jones' scathing review of the new Air New Zealand video saying, "this is just embarrassing."

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Matty McLean wasn’t also the biggest fan of the hip-hop inspired inflight video – “I hate it”. Source: Breakfast

Yesterday the MP took aim at the national carrier for the video for being "a juvenile mish mash that trivialises safety" and "a lame attempt at entertainment."

He told the New Zealand Herald he had sat next to quite a few tourists on planes and said many looked confused by the video.

Their newest safety video, 'It's Kiwi Safety' has racked up more than 20 million views on Youtube, but the video has left people divided, with many expressing their distaste.

The video features Hunt for the Wilderpeople actor Julian Dennison and is a rapping rendition of the traditional safety demonstration.

TVNZ's Breakfast team largely agrees with Mr Jones' criticism.

Matty Maclean says, "I hate it so much, just strip it back and be simple."

"I just don't know if someone who English isn't their first language would necessarily get it, it moves pretty quick.

"It should showcase New Zealand.  I just don't really feel like it does that," says TVNZ's Breakfast news presenter Melissa Stokes.

Air New Zealand said in a statement it was natural the video did not appeal to everyone.

"We are proud of the latest safety video and make no apology for celebrating Kiwi culture or showcasing the talents of people from 30 community groups around New Zealand, including in many regions.

"It's natural that not everyone will like each new safety video, which is signed off by the Civil Aviation Authority before going on board the aircraft. However, the overwhelming sentiment for this latest edition is positive."

The Regional Economic Development Minister has previously been critical of the company for cutting some of its regional routes and even went as far as calling for Air NZ's chairman Tony Carter to resign.