'Just as easy as petrol' - Electric car driver cruises to finish line in Bluff after record-setting journey

An Auckland electric car driver has successfully made his way from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South in less than 48 hours, setting a new record.

EV owner John Fitness at one of the charging stops during his cross-country journey. Source: Supplied

John Fitness was registered with the Guinness World Records to try and set a record for travelling the length of New Zealand in the fewest number of charging stops in an electric vehicle (EV).

He set off from Cape Reinga at 5.37am on Thursday, arriving in Bluff at 9.34pm on Friday.

"I don't think you could've done it much faster in a petrol car, if at all, actually," he told 1 NEWS.

Among those seeing Fitness off at the start of his journey were Northland iwi Ngāti Kuri, something the EV enthusiast says "kicked off the trip with the right tone".

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"Ngāti Kuri sent kaumātua up to do a karakia, so I was sent off by the local iwi up north and that was super special," he says.

"The Ngāti Kuri spoke a lot about sustainable tourism and the local economy, it was really interesting and quite touching."

At his six stops along the way - three in the North Island, three in the South Island - he was greeted by supporters.

EV owner John Fitness (centre) and Ngāti Kuri kaumātua at Cape Reinga. Source: Supplied

"It went as planned... To have such a massive turn-out at each of the charging stops is just so cool," he says.

Each of the charging stops ended up being the "perfect break" through the trip, Fitness says.

They were spaced out around three-and-a-half to four hours apart and last around 35 minutes each.

EV owner John Fitness and Whangārei Mayor Sheryl Mai. Source: Supplied

Fitness says it was a good way to break up fatigue.

"It's time to get some food or a coffee as you go for a bit of a walk about. It was actually a perfect break."

Finally at the end of his trip, Fitness was greeted at the finish line by Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt as one of the official witnesses for the record.

EV owner John Fitness and Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt at Bluff. Source: Supplied

"I was probably feeling pretty tired but just as I was coming into Invercargill and into Bluff, that just melted away," he says.

He's feeling a "massive sense of relief" that the trip went without a hitch, hoping to encourage others to think towards electric cars.

"You can cover the whole country in a day and a half, just as easily as in a petrol car," he says.