Junior sport in Christchurch enduring widespread wet-weather cancellations despite field upgrades

There will be widespread junior sports cancellations in Christchurch for the second weekend in a row despite many sports facilities being upgraded in the city to withstand wet weather.

Sporting fields around Christchurch were already saturated with two-thirds of the city's total rain from last year already having fallen by June, MetService meteorologist Tom Bell told the Christchurch Press.

The airport in Christchurch already had 529.4mm of rain this year after 803.4 millimetres in total last year.

Council head of parks Andrew Rutledge said fields were already "saturated" and play will be limited this week, as it was last weekend, despite predicted fine weather tomorrow.

He said it was going to be a "very challenging season".

Eight facilities, St Albans Park, Sydenham Park, Wainoni Park, Leslie Park, Tulett Park, Papanui Domain, Hospital Corner and Carlton Mill Corner, were upgraded last year to cope better with wet weather.

Despite the upgrades, Sydenham Park, Wainoni Park, Leslie Park, Tulett Park, Papanui Domain have been closed recently.

Canterbury Rugby Union, Canterbury Rugby League and Mainland Football were working with the council on plans to minimise play on the fields.

The decision on what games will be cancelled will be made by individual codes with players to check with their association if they are uncertain. 

The corner of a Rugby Field in Tawa, New Zealand