Junior doctors' strike latest: 'Constructive discussions' held

A spokesperson for District Health Board representatives says a meeting held today to discuss the junior doctors' pay dispute has been "constructive".

It is the first time the Employment Relations Group, including representative from most DHBs, has met in person since Christmas to discuss the union's latest position.

The positive sign comes two and a half days into the junior doctors' three day nationwide strike, which is due to finish tomorrow morning at 8am.

Nearly 3000 unionised junior doctors have taken part in this second round of strike action, which has left senior doctors and nurses holding the fort in the nation's hospitals.

A spokesperson for DHB Shared Services says four DHB Chief Executives took part in today's meeting, with the talks lasting five hours.

He says the discussions entailed a full evaluation of the union's position.

He says the strategy group is now preparing advice for the 20 DHB Chief Executives to consider. It is expected they will table their report to all DHB CEOs by the middle of next week.

Junior doctors have been striking to get twelve day shifts reduced to 10 and seven-in-a-row night shifts reduced to four.

Nearly 3000 junior doctors walked off the job this morning for the second time in four months. Source: 1 NEWS

DHBs have agreed to lessen these shifts but the dispute has recently centred on union demands to have more say on junior doctor rostering at individual DHBs, including scheduling more days off in a row.