Julie Bishop and Winston Peters retire to rainy Waiheke winery to talk foreign affairs after meetup with PM Jacinda Ardern




Australia's Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters have retired to a Waiheke Island windery today to talk politics after Ms Bishop last night briefly met with Jacinda Ardern.

The Foreign Minister of Australia and New Zealand are meeting at a winery on Waiheke Island.
Source: 1 NEWS

Ardern's chief press secretary Mike Jaspers told Stuff that Ardern and Bishop woud not be meeting, formally or informally, until the Prime Minister's visit across the ditch next month, but last night a picture of the pair together was tweeted by Bishop.

The picture shows the two arm in arm after dinner last night, and Bishop tweeted that she was thankful to New Zealand Foreign Minister Winston Peters for a "memorable" evening.

Bishop made comments during last year's election againt Labour, saying she would find it difficult to trust the Labour Party if it became the Government after Labour MP Chris Hipkins became involved in the Australian citizenship row.

Bishop and Peters today took a private boat to Waiheke Island where they will discuss numerous topics including including Manus Island refugees and New Zealand's involvement in Iraq, which Labour has strongly opposed.

The latter could be a prickly topic if the Labour-led government decides to pull the plug on New Zealand's deployment there.

It seems Bishop has also been making the most of her time in Auckland, tweeting a picture of herself running along the viaduct this morning in heavy rain.

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