Julie Anne Genter labels National's Mt Albert by-election no show lacking 'respect for the democratic process'

The Green Party's candidate in yesterday's Mt Albert by-election has taken a swipe at the National Party for not standing a candidate.

Julie Anne Genter says 'It's not surprising' the Labour had a fantastic win in Auckland yesterday. Source: 1 NEWS

Speaking last night Julie Anne Genter told 1 NEWS National's no show in the contest for the Auckland seat shows a lack of "respect" for the "democratic process".

"The fact National didn't put up a candidate shows that they don't have much respect for the democratic process and they were trying to make very light of this election," Ms Genter said.

Labour's leader revealed his sense of humour as Ardern won the seat with the significant margin. Source: 1 NEWS

In December Prime Minister Bill English confirmed National would not contest the by-election saying the party's focus was on the this year's General Election.

"The National Government is focused on winning the 2017 General Election later in the year," Mr English said in a statement.

"To achieve that goal, we don't intend to participate in a by-election in the new year that is in a safe Labour seat."

Preliminary results counted by the electoral commission last night give Labour's Jacinda Ardern a clear victory with 10,000 votes.

Ms Genter was the next closest contestant with 1,489 votes.

Ms Genter said her performance in the by-election was expected and went on to congratulate Ms Adern for her win.

"It's pretty typical for a Green Party result in a by-election," she said.

"Because we campaign on the party vote many Green Party voters are used to giving their CV to other candidates especially candidates as strong as Jacinda Ardern."

Annette King says Jacinda Ardern's political ability and commitment make her a strong potential Labour leader in the future. Source: Breakfast