Judith Collins targets younger demographic - at daycare - with fist-bumps and advice on drinking milk

Judith Collins met today with a younger demographic by visiting the Gisborne daycare centre BestStart Lytton, where she was warmly welcomed by the children. 

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The National leader was in Gisborne to release the party’s agriculture plan, but not before she met the next generation. Source: 1 NEWS

During the visit, the National leader fist-bumped one of the children, spoke about the importance of milk and told 1 NEWS reporter Benedict Collins she would not be climbing on the play equipment. 

She was in Gisborne to announce the party's agriculture policy. 

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National promises to stop farmers being 'regulated into oblivion', if elected

Collins said farmers already "have enough on their plate with weather, interest rates and international markets", so she promised to reduce "regulatory burden and give farmers confidence for the future".

"Our pledge is to ensure that our agricultural policy focuses on allowing farmers the opportunity to farm their way to better outcomes, rather than being regulated into oblivion," she said. 

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Taxes, social housing and cutting regulations for farmers were among the hot topics this morning. Source: 1 NEWS

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern said it would "take New Zealand back decades". 

She said National previously was in consensus about climate change "and it is hugely disappointing to see that change in position from them". 

Ardern referred to it as a "backward-looking National Party policy".