Judith Collins says she 'always' carries a face mask to 'be prepared' for Covid-19

Judith Collins says she always carries a face mask in her handbag.

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The National leader says she has it with her in her handbag “to be prepared”. Source: 1 NEWS

It follows the Government’s recommendation last week for all New Zealanders to have a supply of face masks for everyone in their household.

The National Party leader was asked during a media conference today whether she had one of her own, to which she responded and said she always did.

“I do have a mask in my handbag, actually,” said Ms Collins.

"I do always have my mask with me."

Government tells all New Zealanders have a face mask handy - What you need to know

Ms Collins said she didn’t think she need to have it, but thought it better to be "prepared".

“Because I am hoping that all the assurances, that the quarantine at the border is working.

“But I’m wondering why all of a sudden we’re talking about masks, and why you’re even asking me about it. But I have it there because it's easy for me to have it and I think if there should be something then I need to be prepared.”

When asked by a reporter if she could demonstrate how to put the mask on, she said she could, but she didn’t partake in“gotcha politics or gotcha journalism”.