Judith Collins says MP 'just got it wrong' claiming last National Govt built 30,000 state houses

Judith Collins says National built “around 3000” state houses in its nine years in Government, correcting her housing spokesperson’s earlier claims it built 30,000.

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The National leader says MP Jacqui Dean was still finding her footing as the new housing spokesperson. Source: 1 NEWS

In a comment made to Mediaworks this morning, new housing spokesperson MP Jacqui Dean said National had built 30,000 state houses the last time it was in power.

However, Ministry of Housing and Urban Development figures show National built 2670 state houses and sold 2728. There are about 60,000 state houses, with construction starting in the 1930s.

Ms Collins said this afternoon Ms Dean “just got it wrong”, and the "around 3000" figure included state and community housing.

“I mean, she’s relatively new to the portfolio. Jacqui has already apologised to me and the media,” Ms Collins said.

Ms Collins said Ms Dean was feeling embarrassed about the gaffe.

“She’ll never make that same mistake.”