Judith Collins 'not interested' in job of National Party leader despite NZ public preferring her to Simon Bridges

Judith Collins says she's not interested in "the toughest job" in politics, as Opposition leader, but is instead staying focused on what is best for the Party.

In a Newshub Reid-Research poll, Ms Collins ranked higher than current National Party leader Simon Bridges, but wouldn't comment to media today on whether or not she thinks she would make a better leader.

She said she was not taking the poll too seriously, but said she was happy to be a more preferred choice for prime minister than the current Deputy Prime Minister and NZ First leader.

"The person I'm most pleased beating is Winston Peters. I think that's good," she said.

Ms Collins did not want to offer any tips for Mr Bridges to improve his personal poll rating when prompted by media today, but said, "I think that Simon and I work very well together so I just think we all need to stay very focused on the end game here, and I think the end game is actually a better government for New Zealand".

Being Opposition leader was the "toughest job" in politics, she said. "I've seen a few come and go and I just think it's a very tough job".

She believed the focus for National at the moment was to work together on the common goal of getting a better Government for New Zealand.

"I think that everyone [in National] has been working extraordinarily hard and when I look at this team that we have in our caucus ... it is an extraordinarily talented team and what I see is everyone is very focused."

Politics was not a "one-on-one thing" she said. "We have an incredibly good team. Well qualified, well experienced. If we put our team versus their [Labour's] team - we're doing very well."

Ms Collins, National's housing spokesperson said she's with the job she's doing of holding Housing Minister Phil Twyford to account.

"My role is to stay very focused on holding Phil Twyford to account and I think I’ve been doing a reasonable job on that."

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    The National MP ranked higher than him on a recent poll, but doesn’t have her eye on the “toughest job” in politics, she says. Source: 1 NEWS

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