Judge restricts publication of Whaledump material

A High Court judge has temporarily restricted Whaledump from publishing any more hacked material, but has not restricted media from using any material already in their possession.

Whaleoil blogger Cameron Slater Source: 1 NEWS

WhaleOil blogger Cameron Slater sought an injunction to prevent further publication of stories based on emails that were allegedly hacked from his computer.

Mr Slater's emails featured in Nicky Hager's Dirty Politics book and further information has since been leaked online.

Today a judge put an interim restriction on Whaledump but did not restrict APN, mediaworks and Fairfax from publishing stories that use information they have already published, and does not restrict them from printing material already in their possession that has not been printed yet.

They will be back in court on Wednesday when the judge will value more arguments.

Mr Slater told ONE News earlier today that he will also take separate legal action against Mr Hager.

Mr Slater launched injunction proceedings against Fairfax, APN and Mediaworks yesterday.

He has also named an "unknown" defendant, which his lawyer John Billington says means it would stop "anybody publishing anything".

The companies appeared in the High Court in Auckland today but Mr Slater was not in attendance.

If the move is successful it could stop any further stories using the leaked emails.

Mr Billington said Dirty Politics can stay on the shelves as it is already in circulation, and the injunction Slater is seeking "doesn't go that far".