Jonah Lomu's noisy wagon, shark bus most popular vehicles on Trade Me last year

Jonah Lomu's noisy wagon and the custom Kelly Tarlton's shark bus were the most popular viewed vehicles on Trade Me last year.

Jonah Lomu’s SPL Wagon. Source: Supplied

The shark bus sold for $31,500 after being viewed more than 195,000 times, while Lomu's SUV is still for sale despite being viewed more than 226,000 times.

His custom SUV was fitted with massive speakers in 2000, as part of a record attempt for the world's loudest car.

Trade Me says people came from around the country to see the "eardrum-bursting SUV".

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Quirky New Zealand version of a Tesla Cybertruck on sale in New Plymouth

Other popular cars for sale included Merv from Taranaki's 'Tesla Cybertruck' — a Toyota Vitz customised to look like the futuristic truck — and a Mitsubishi rejigged to look like the Delorean from Back to the Future.

1997 Mitsubishi time machine Source: Supplied

Not all of the most-viewed vehicles were cars.

The original lifeboat from the sunken Rena Monrovia sold for $9800 after being viewed 94,000 times, while a futuristic UFO spaceship house was viewed 104,000 times.


Jonah Lomu’s SPL Wagon - 226,000 views; Asking price $49,990

Kelly Tarlton’s shark bus - 195,804 views; Sold for $31,500

The Kelly Tarlton's Shark Bus is up for sale. Source: Supplied

1993 Toyota Supra RZ Coupe - 162,103 views; Asking price $74,990

DIY Tesla Cybertruck - 137,590 views; Sold for $999

Futuro - UFO spaceship house - 104,621 views; Asking price $0

1973 Toyota Land Cruiser - 99,862 views; Sold for $42,000

1969 Holden Monaro GTS - 99,244 views; Sold for $58,000

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It’s a rescue boat that could soon provide a new lifeline for those in need. Source: Seven Sharp

1997 Mitsubishi time machine- 96,894 views; Sold for $2,020

Rena lifeboat - 94,402 views; Sold for $9,800

2020 Nissan GTR Premium Lux - 88,058 views; Asking price $182,995