John Key's texts with Whaleoil blogger 'hugely embarrassing'

The Prime Minister will today face a raft of accusations after a "hugely embarrassing" fallout following the release of text messages between himself and Cameron Slater.

The PM has released a text exchange between himself and Cameron Slater Source: 1 NEWS

John Key Source: 1 NEWS

John Key initially told Parliament he had not had contact with the Whaleoil blogger over an inquiry, and ONE News Political Editor Corin Dann says that was "a pretty big mistake".

"I think this is going to be damaging," he told TV ONE's Breakfast.

In a statement last night, Mr Key changed his, "no I did not communicate with Mr Slater", to a "yes I did communicate with Mr Slater".

He returned to Parliament yesterday, saying he misinterpreted the question, saying he thought it was referring to the Judith Collins inquiry and not the spy watchdog's report on the Dirty Politics scandal.

Parts of the full text exchange, as sent to ONE News from the Prime Minister's office late last night, can be found here.

Dann says it's "hugely embarrassing" and that things like this chip away at My Key's credibility "but also emboldens the opposition".

"Andrew Little has had a dream week," he said.

Labour leader Mr Little, before the release of the text conversation last night, called for the Inspector-General's inquiry into the alleged leak of the report to be widened to see whether the text exchange breached the embargo.