John Key's 'credibility is on the line' for not disclosing texts with blogger

The Prime Minister's "pretty flaky" excuses for misinterpreting questions posed to him in Parliament could damage his reputation, ONE News Political Editor Corin Dann says.

The Prime Minister is insisting he hasn’t lied or misled the public over his dealings with the Whaleoil blogger. Source: 1 NEWS

Today, John Key was further grilled by journalists after admitting to misleading Parliament by not telling MPs that he had exchanged texts with the WhaleOil blogger.

Dann says rather than offering an apology for his mistake, Mr Key offered up a "whole bunch of excuses of which you'd have to say, whilst plausible, look pretty flaky".

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"This is very serious, this is the credibility of the Prime Minister on the line," he says.

Mr Key returned to Parliament yesterday, saying he misinterpreted the question about his communications with Mr Slater, as he thought it was referring to the Judith Collins inquiry and not the spy watchdog's report on the Dirty Politics scandal.

He maintains that he couldn't hear the question properly and promised he was genuine.

"There was quite a lot of noise in the House, I didn't mislead people, I genuinely couldn't recall, and I wasn't going to take a stab," Mr Key said.

Labour leader Andrew Little says Mr Key should just apologise and get it over and done with.

"It's time to say game over John, front up, admit the truth tell New Zealanders, say sorry and we will all move on," he said.

Little has also rejected claims by Mr Slater that Labour's Chief of Staff leaked hacked information to Dirty Politics author Nicky Hager.

In one of the texts released from Mr Slater to Mr Key, Mr Slater claimed Matt McCarten was involved in the hacking of his emails and Facebook messages.

Mr Little says Mr McCarten couldn't possibly have leaked the emails because he lacks computer skills.