John Key: It's time for Kim Dotcom to 'go away'

The nation has spoken and the re-elected Prime Minister agrees, Kim Dotcom's time is up in New Zealand politics, John Key says.

Investigations into Judith Collins and Spy Service watchdog cloud Nationals victory. Source: 1 NEWS

Speaking to media the day after his National Party won an unprecedented 61 seats under the MMP system, Mr Key is ready to put Mr Dotcom behind him and get back to business.

"I think he should go away and go through the proper court processes that anyone else should do," he said.

And while he believes that Mr Dotcom's presence in the campaign drowned out a lot of National's key messages, Mr Key thinks New Zealanders were ultimately offended by the internet mogul.

"I think a lot of middle New Zealand rejected the notion of a group of foreigners coming in and looking like they wanted to have a very heavy influence on a general election that is New Zealand's election".

Despite claiming to have had only had a few hours asleep, an after glow was evident on Mr Key this afternoon following an overwhelming majority of votes for National.

He says the next 48 hours will be busy as he meets with Maori Party leader Te Uruoa Flavell, United Future's Peter Dunne and Act's Jamie Whyte to discuss forming a government.

Once Parliament resumes on Tuesday and ministerial positions are distributed, Mr Key says he will be making a concerted effort to keep his government humble.

"A focus for me over the next three years is to ensure that National keeps its feet on the ground, there's always a risk with third term governments that they get arrogant," he said.

Calling the disappointment of the night, "the Greens, it's not a great result for them" Mr Key wouldn't weigh-in on the Labour leadership but said he thinks they led a "negative campaign and New Zealander's vote for hope and aspiration".