John Key glitter-bombed, booed off stage at Big Gay Out

Prime Minister John Key had pink glitter thrown at him and was booed off stage when he appeared at the Big Gay Out in Auckland today.

The Prime Minister was glitter-bombed and booed off the stage after ten seconds of speaking. Source: 1 NEWS

Mr Key was making his annual visit to the event, where in the past he has received a generally positive reception, but today was the subject of a glitter prank and was also targeted by protesters opposed to the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement.

The incident took place shortly after he arrived at the event, held at Point Chevalier, while he was walking around with a police escort talking to members of the public and taking selfies.

Three people threw quite a large amount of pink glitter at Mr Key, which appeared to make considerable contact with him and those around him.

The people responsible then ran away from the scene with police officers hot on their heels.

A group of TPPA protesters with signs also followed the Prime Minister as he walked around.

When Mr Key took the stage to address the crowd, there was considerable booing and his speech lasted little more than 10 seconds before he left the stage.