John Key attempts to rally US support for TPP: 'It's not a bad deal'

Prime Minister John Key has met with some of the most powerful economic leaders in the US as he rallies support for the controversial Trans Pacific Partnership.

The PM has defended in Washington DC his decision to back the TPP. Source: 1 NEWS

Mr Key is in Washington DC with dozens of world leaders ahead of this weekend's nuclear summit. 

It was a day of high level economic meetings for the Prime Minister, first with US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew and then Janet Yellen, the chair of the US Federal Reserve.

Despite acknowledging the deal isn't perfect for New Zealand, Mr Key found a room full of TPP supporters.

"It was the best we could do in a challenging set of negotiations and actually it's a very good deal," he said.

"It can always be better but it's not a bad deal, it's a good deal."

Of the five remaining candidates to replace Barack Obama in the White House, four including Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump now oppose the TPP.