John Campbell 'is upset' after Campbell Live axed - his father reveals




John Campbell's father has revealed his son is "quite upset" by the axing of his current affairs show Campbell Live.

MediaWorks announced yesterday that the Campbell Live host was resigning from the company, rather than take a job as co-presenter of a redesigned 7pm current affairs show.

Jim Campbell told Fairfax his son was "quite upset by the turn of events", but said John did not have any ill-feeling towards his employer.

"After 24 years it's hard to move on... I was broken up, seeing that."

He said John was not going to skip the country to work for Australia's ABC or the BBC once Campbell Live wraps up.

Instead he said the star presenter was going to take a month off to read some books, watch the Hurricanes and consider his options.

He told Fairfax he was "deeply proud of his son", adding that "we know he'll go on to do good work, because that's the way he is".

Jim and his wife Wendy thought their son might be open to making Campbell Live in an online, non-mainstream format.

'Thanks for all your lovely messages'

Meanwhile, Hilary Barry has thanked Kiwis across the country and overseas for thousands of messages of support, after she tearfully broke down on-air after a story about John's exit.

This morning Barry tweeted a simple message, saying: "Thanks for all your lovely messages xx."

Her response came after the video of her sadness on last night's news went viral.

The feedback on the ONE News Facebook page has been overwhelming.

In the first 14 hours, the Facebook video had 23,650 likes, 904 shares and was seen on more than a million newsfeeds.

The video has garnered nearly 3000 comments, with most offering sympathy to Barry and the vast majority in support of John Campbell.

Glennis Mills summed up the online sentiment, writing: "I felt sorry for Hilary she was so emotional reading the news tonight. John Campbell will be missed he was a great reporter."

Belinda Butler echoed that feeling, saying: "Hilary, my heart went out to you tonight but at the same what a breath of fresh air you are. Lucky John Campbell having such a loyal friend!"

TV3 yesterday announced Campbell Live would be axed and replaced by a new two presenter current affairs show, to run four nights per week.

Campbell was offered a three-year deal to co-host the new show but decided not to accept the offer and is instead leaving the network.

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