John Campbell: Every firefighter battling Tasman blaze presented with thank you card from school children

Firefighters coming off 12-hour shifts are being greeted by thank you cards made by local school children.

As many as 180 firefighters completed 12-hour shifts today doing backbreaking work dampening down hot spots.

When they come off shift to have a meal with the NZDF at Brightwater, they are each presented with a card made by local schoolkids.

Despite the Wakefield residents being allowed to return to their homes this afternoon, the Tasman fire still has a perimeter of 25km with multiple hot spots.

The NZ Army is feeding up to 700 people who are currently battling the blaze that started seven days ago. Source: 1 NEWS

Establishing containment lines is unglamorous, backbreaking work, he reports. Source: 1 NEWS