John Campbell to co-host TVNZ show: 'We'll talk about what we want NZ to look like'

Nigel Latta and John Campbell are set to present a live show on TVNZ1 asking what NZ will look like in 20 years’ time.

What Next? Will be screened live over five consecutive nights.

Using research from the University of Auckland’s School of Psychology and including results from a soon-to-be-released national survey, the programme asks New Zealanders what we should do with the environment, the economy, technology and how to adapt to current and upcoming social issues.

Latta, Campbell and a group of forward-thinking Kiwis will ask the big question– is the world heading towards the apocalypse or a better, brighter future for all of us?

The veteran broadcaster will present the What Next? programme with Nigel Latta. Source: Breakfast

Campbell said: “To achieve the future we want, we need to make decisions that will create a country we’re proud to pass down to the people who follow us.

“This is a discussion with New Zealanders for New Zealanders and I’m delighted to be a part of it.”

Playing a crucial role in the conversation is a panel of Futurists.

Hilary Barry welcomed her former colleague onto the Breakfast set to chat about his project at this time, What Next? He now joins TVNZ as a presenter and journalist in September 2018. Source: Breakfast

They are: social entrepreneur Derek Handley; Chief Executive of the McGuinness Institute, Wendy McGuinness; indigenous social entrepreneur Shay Wright; Frances Valintine, named one of the world's top 50 education tech innovators; and Sacha McMeeking, co-founder of Tū Māia.

Kiwis can engage with the series on multiple platforms, putting forward their point of view from the initial questionnaire to engaging online with the live television screening, available via TVNZ 1 and

Made with support from New Zealand on Air, What Next? is coming soon.