Jockey talks about his incredible comeback win after falling from horse at Awapuni Racing Centre

The jockey who made headlines around the world for his remarkable comeback win after falling off his horse has given all the credit to his ride.

Aaron Kuru managed to climb back onto his horse after a rough fall during a race at Awapuni on Saturday, but he's been humble about the accomplishment.

"My main concern was whether the gelding was 100 per cent," Kuru said about remounting Des de Jeu.

"When I threw my leg back over he, to me, felt 100 per cent so I had to make the decision whether to carry on and I think I made the right decision."

That decision was reinforced by a quick, shouted exchange with an official.

"I had a look over and asked her, 'am I alright to carry on?' and she was smiling."

Kuru climbed back on and the rest became history – but Kuru says he’s not about to go around beating his chest about the win.

"Of course not - this game will bring you down as quick as lift you up, I've just got to stay as humble as I can."

Michael Holland meets the elusive rider whose made headlines around the world. Source: Seven Sharp

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