Job losses as Auckland's ASB showgrounds liquidated

The liquidation of Auckland's ASB Showgrounds has resulted in job losses. 

Source: Breakfast

Paul Vlasic of Rodgers Reidy has been appointed as liquidator of one of the country’s largest venues.

He said the site had been secured and liquidators were in the process of identifying who owned what assets. 

In this process, all employment agreements had been terminated.

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Liquidators have taken control of the venue. Source: 1 NEWS

“We have, however, reached an agreement to re-employ a small number of employees to assist us in the early stages of the liquidation,” Vlasic said. 

The showgrounds, owned by the Auckland Agricultural Pastoral and Industrial Shows Board, was placed into liquidation last night by a majority of votes cast by board members. 

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ASB Showgrounds goes into liquidation

The liquidator’s initial report is expected on Tuesday next week.

Kim Campbell, the former chair of the showgrounds board, told RNZ this morning the liquidation came after ongoing disagreements over rent with the Cornwall Park Trust, its landlord. Campbell said things were made worse by Auckland's shifts in alert levels in the past year.

However, Cornwall Trust chair Adrienne Young-Cooper rejected this. She told RNZ there was no such dispute.

Campbell also told Stuff Cornwall Park Trust wanted to raise its annual rent from $750,000 to $2.3 million. In response to this, Young-Cooper told RNZ that wasn't the case and the two parties had been in a "rent review process" since 2018, and there were clear provisions under the lease about how rent was determined.