Jevan Goulter apologises to TV host for 'disgusting' comments, says he's resigned from Vision NZ role

The campaign manager of new political party Vision New Zealand has apologised for comments he made in a Facebook post against TV host Kanoa Lloyd. 

Last night, screenshots appeared on Twitter of a post from Jevan Goulter's page that referred to Mediaworks' Kanoa Lloyd - suggesting she should "show NZ what voluntary euthanasia looks like" and making other negative references to her. 

Today, Jevan Goulter has posted a video on his Facebook page, apologising for his comments. 

Mr Goulter said his comments were "unacceptable" and "just down right disgusting".

"I have no grounds to try and justify the things that were said whatsoever," he said.

"Kanoa Lloyd from TV3's The Project, I wanted to make an apology because I need to for the comments I made last night on my Facebook page which were frankly unacceptable just downright disgusting really.

Jevan Goulter's original Facebook post about Kanoa Lloyd Source: Twitter

"Kanoa I would like to genuinely apologise for the things that I said because clearly there were things in there that I said that had much wider deeper things in them that I was too careless to think about when I put that up."

Mr Goulter also apologised to Vision New Zealand leader Hannah Tamaki and reiterated that he didn't work for Destiny Church, and his comments don't reflect the views of Vision New Zealand or Ms Tamaki.

"To Hannah I apologise again for not exercising any sort of judgement whatsoever when I made those comments," he said. 

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Seven Sharp finds out what a gay man is doing helping the Destiny Church founders. Source: Seven Sharp

He then went on to say that he had handed in his resignation to Ms Tamaki as the Vision NZ campaign manager.

However, an earlier statement from Ms Tamaki said they had terminated Mr Goulter's "arrangement". 

"We in no way condone the language he used towards a woman and inferences made by Mr Goulter in his post," wrote Ms Tamaki.

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"It is therefore with regret that the Vision New Zealand Party Executive have decided to terminate its arrangement with Mr Goulter as Campaign Manager for Vision New Zealand, effective immediately."

Vision New Zealand was launched in May last year by Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki, who said he would be running it with Ms Tamaki serving as party leader.

Hannah Tamaki will also not be appearing on Dancing With The Stars, MediaWorks has today confirmed.

While the show's lineup had not been released, rumours of her involvement circled online.

In a statement released today MediaWorks said the Destiny Church pastor and leader of the Vision NZ would no longer appear in the show, though that was the original plan. 

1 NEWS has approached Mr Goulter for comment.