Jesus statue found after being stolen from Auckland monastery

Two statues stolen from an Auckland monastery have both been returned after being taken by thieves early yesterday morning.

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Sister Johanna Penn turning to god and Facebook in a bid that saw the two stolen statues returned. Source: 1 NEWS

A man and woman were caught on CCTV before 7.00am yesterday.

A large Jesus statue, along with a Little Infant of Prague statue, were seen being carried out of the Carmelite Monastery in Royal Oak by the pair.

Sister Johanna Penn confirmed the news of the return on Facebook this evening after a member of the public called the police when they saw the statues at a nearby cemetery. 

Jesus has been returned by the police. Source: 1 NEWS

"Both statues have been found and brought back by the police. Thieves have not been found yet but will send in all the evidence that were given by everyone," Sister Johanna wrote.

"We thank you all so much for your help this means a lot to us. The statues are a little bit damaged but can be fixed. God bless you all!" she said.

Sister Johanna had been hard on the case since the heist, running the CCTV footage through software to get clear shots of the couple before posting them to Facebook.

She does not hold anything against the couple but she hopes they might find God in the process.

"No, I don't have any angry feelings towards them, just empathy. I feel sorry - I know you're a young couple but you've got a whole life ahead of you," she wrote.

"I pray that perhaps that this is a grace for them that perhaps they might find the Lord in their lives so there is a reason."