Jessica Mutch McKay opinion: Bizarre, baffling and brilliant

There are big days in politics. And then there was yesterday.

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1 NEWS political editor Jessica Mutch McKay spoke to Breakfast this morning about the explosive allegations and its threat to Mr Bridges’ leadership. Source: Breakfast

It was bizarre, baffling and brilliant.

If you thought Monday's twitter tirade from Jami-Lee Ross was explosive, yesterday's events took things to a whole new level as he threw even more allegations at Simon Bridges, which the National leader rejected.

For those struggling to make heads-or-tail of events, this is what made it so spectacular:

1. A renegade MP returning to Parliament to "speak truth to power".

2. Jami-Lee Ross driving from Auckland to Wellington to go kamikaze on his party.

3. The unusual situation of an MP unleashing on his party downstairs while his caucus were moving to expel him upstairs.

4. An extraordinary media conference that lasted for a just under an hour (that's a lot of talking!).

5. The leader Simon Bridges emerging from caucus and being forced to front very serious allegations about election donations.

6. Jami-Lee Ross was called a "lone wolf" who has "leaked, lied".

7. Simon Bridges was called "corrupt" and "without a moral compass".

8. Jami-Lee Ross admitting to a mental break down, and said he was accused by senior figures in his party of harassing women.

9. A former colleague taking his leader and former friend to police with a secret recording.

10. Winston Peters playing a song on his phone via tube about "burning bridges". Don't forget about the call from Sir Don McKinnon in the middle that interrupted the tune.  

11. Questions raised about Mr Ross’ behaviour as a "married man".

12. Kim Dotcom has offered to help the now-independent MP.

There are questions about whether Mr Ross has taken a truth serum and want to expose wrong doing, or whether he’s simply trying to take down the leadership of the National party on his way out. Or something in between.

There are now questions about leadership, a police investigation and donations from a Chinese businessman.

Bring on the next instalment. 

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Source: 1 NEWS