Jessica Mutch McKay: Man Up programme could be driver behind Brian Tamaki's new political party plans

Brian Tamaki's passion for his Man Up programme may be the driver behind his new intentions to get into politics.

The Destiny Church leader yesterday announced he will be launching a new political party.

In a statement yesterday, Mr Tamaki invited media to the launch of his new political party today where he will outline its plans.

He says due to an "escalating tide of poor decision-making" and the "eroding of New Zealand values by politicians – we feel that we have had no choice but to stand up for the ever-growing silent majority of regular New Zealanders who are becoming more and more fed up and sick of the spin."

TVNZ political editor Jessica Mutch McKay says that when she'd previously interviewed Mr Tamaki about the idea of starting a political party, he wasn't keen, insinuating he wouldn't "lower himself to that kind of career".

But things had changed over the past few months, especially with his passion for his Man Up programme which he was trying to get implemented in New Zealand prisons. The programme aims to help men, especially young, Māori men, control their frustration and emotions.

"Things have changed over the last few months. I think his Man Up programme, he’s really keen and passionate to get that through …. And he feels very passionately about that, so that might have changed his mind," Mutch McKay says.

But, Mutch McKay says Mr Tamaki "will be a political power and I think it'll be really interesting to see how it develops".

There are thousands of Destiny's Church supporters, so no matter if people agree with his political beliefs or not, Mr Tamaki does have a strong following, Mutch McKay says.

She also says, while he might be launching the political party, that does not necessarily mean he will be the one running it.

"He may get someone else in, it may be Hone Harawira, it may be someone else from his party.

"We have seen that before like we've seen with the Opportunities Party with Gareth Morgan - he was the founder of it but he got somebody else in to run it, so we may see that there."

The announcement comes after rumours last week that senior National MP Alfred Ngaro has been considering starting his own Christian values based party.

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    Destiny’s Brian Tamaki is taking on the Government over the controversial Man Up programme he wants in prisons. Source: Q+A

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      TVNZ political editor Jessica Mutch McKay says the Destiny Church leader could be a “political power”. Source: Breakfast